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A structure fire that destroyed a house [in Bucksport, Maine] and resulted in exploding oxygen tanks bursting through the exterior walls did not cause any serious injuries, according to the Bucksport Fire Department.

The fire broke out…when an 18-year-old man threw gasoline onto a wood stove fire in an attempt to reignite it… Flames instantly “exploded” from the wood stove and within a few moments were burning through the roof…

Firefighters arrived about five minutes after the blaze was reported and found one section of the house collapsed. Flames had spread throughout the rest of the structure… The fact that there were 14 recently filled oxygen bottles inside the home — some of which exploded through the walls and landed outside more than 100 feet away, narrowly missing firefighters as the tanks shot through the air — complicated the firefighting effort.

November 4, 2006 Posted by | Dumb Stuff | 1 Comment