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Beware watchmen bearing axes

Reuters via Yahoo! News
A Polish burglar had to ask the police to save him after an axe-wielding night watchman attacked and chased him until he crashed his vehicle. The watchman in the western city of Katowice took the 25-year-old burglar by surprise after he had broken into a house, hitting him three times in the head with the blunt end of an axe, cracking his skull, Polish media reported Thursday.

“The dizzy burglar fled to his automobile and managed to lock the door and start the engine,” a police spokesman told PAP news agency.

The watchman gave chase, shattered the driver-side window and yanked the steering wheel, sending the van, which was starting to accelerate, into a mound of dirt.

Trapped, the burglar phoned police for help.

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Any identifying marks?

mostwanted.jpgSalt Lake City Sheriff’s deputies arrested Curtis Allgier overnight who was listed as public enemy number one.

Deputies…spotted his girlfriend at a hotel in the Cottonwood Height’s area. [and the] SWAT team was called in.

[After] Allgier allegedly barricaded himself inside his room…deputies say, he cut a hole in the ceiling, and lifted himself into the attic area…[then] fell into another room, where he was arrested.

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