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“…trapped.”—Isn’t that what prisons are for?

Prisons across the country [England] are to repaint their fences green – so inmates don’t feel “trapped.”

Prison bosses say the old white or grey fences make criminals feel claustrophobic. They believe if the fences are painted dark green they will blend with the countryside and give lags a sense of the outside world.

The Prison Service’s “Sustainable Development Report” also calls for new windows to be fitted so cells are less draughty.

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Dead dog gets drafted—almost

The German Army has called up a dead dog for national service.

Helga Koehlke, 53, from Rostock, Northern Germany, received an official army letter demanding that her pet Pekingese Tommy Jakob, who passed away in 2002, report for a military medical examination with his ID card and a pair of swimming shorts.

She said: “I thought it was a joke but then I saw the official stamp. But I’m sure it must have been a mistake as little Tommy Jakob would have been no good in the army because he was almost completely blind.”

Officials says Mrs Koehlke received the letter as part of an office mix-up.

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Husband turns into his wife after kidney transplant

More–Daily Mail via Ananova
A man says he is turning into his wife after receiving one of her kidneys. Ian Gammons’ wife Lynda donated one of her kidneys to Ian when he became ill with Nephrotic Syndrome.

Before the transplant Mr Gammons hated cooking, shopping and gardening reports the Daily Mail. Now he enjoys all those pastimes and has even begun to share his wife’s love of dogs, an animal he previously despised.

According to the Daily Mail Mr Gammons from Spalding, Lincolnshire said: “It sounds absolutely ridiculous but I think I’ve inherited some of Lynda’s personality traits since I got her kidney.


Not the first time something like this has happened. One woman, a confirmed vegetarian and health food nut, who received a heart from a young man killed in a car wreck, awoke from the surgery with a strong craving for a cheeseburger and Mexican food—both things she wouldn’t have touched before. The cravings were so strong that she sought and found the man’s family and they confirmed that those had been his favorite foods.

“There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio…”

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Brains to go with the brawn

BBC via Ananova
scrabblechamp.jpg A former weightlifter has been crowned this year’s National Scrabble Champion. Jake Jacobs, 57, from Ely, Cambridgeshire, beat 32-year-old Christian Brown at the event in London.

According to the BBC Mr Jacobs said: “I am absolutely thrilled. I would never have believed I could make it to the top.” This is the first time he has reached the National Scrabble Championships final.

Mr Jacobs used to teach sportsmen how to weightlift for the 1980s show Superstars and has played competitive Scrabble since 1997.

Some of the words he used during the final include: Outrace, Mullion, Caber, Itched – and winning word Solutive. Over the five matches he scored a total of 1,922 points.

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