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Billy Suhail the kid gets travel ban, arrest warrant

A two-year-old boy was briefly banned from boarding a Turkey-bound flight in the United Arab Emirates after his name appeared on a list of wanted suspects, a newspaper reported Saturday. Emirates Today said the boy’s passport details, including the date of birth, matched those in an arrest warrant. The reason for the mix-up was not known.

“While going through the passport checking procedures to get on board, one of the officers on duty said they wanted to take Suhail,” Emirates Today quoted the boy’s father, Abdullah Mohamed Saleh, as saying. “I thought he was kidding me and said ‘Take him if you want’,” he said. “He showed me a print-out of a document that said Suhail was wanted and there was an arrest warrant for him.”

Officials said they would investigate the incident, the paper reported.


Good idea

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England’s deepest cave unearthed

The Guardian via Yahoo! News
spelunkers.jpg Potholers [spelunkers, Yank] have discovered the country’s deepest cave beneath a hillside in central England, using an account by an 18th-century underground explorer, which only recently resurfaced. The spectacular hole — named Titan by those who found it — is some 140 metres (460 feet) deep, stretching further underground than the height of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.

“It’s like the inside of a cathedral — just magnificently beautiful,” said Morland Sanders, who was the first non-potholer to abseil down the shaft. “It’s an incredible place, awesome,” he told The Guardian newspaper Tuesday.

Local potholer Dave Nixon found an underground entrance into the cavern, in the Peak District in Derbyshire, after discovering an account by an obscure 18th-century academic in the University of Cambridge library. In a paper written in 1793, James Plumtree described a network of caves found after descending into a lead mine near a local fissure known for centuries as the Devil’s Arsehole.

But a rockfall had apparently blocked access to the caverns, and it took potholers three years to hack their way through.

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“Phasers on stun”

In Britain, a Royal Air Force RAF Type 93 air defense radar at Trimingham, Norfolk, “went out of alignment” late last year, and began zapping the electronics on passing automobiles, and some electrical devices in nearby homes. The RAF admitted to the problem earlier this year, and offered to pay compensation to those with damaged electronics. Apparently, there was no harm done, by the stray radiation, to any people. However, locals are still reporting problems, and nearby auto repair shops have the fried automobile electronics to prove it. Such incidents are becoming more common, as more consumer electronics use more complex components, which are potentially vulnerable to powerful blasts of electromagnetism

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Police seize toilet art

A toilet which flushes to the sound of Italys national anthem has been impounded by police. It was on display at the Bolzano Museum of Modern Art and was the work of two local artists.

Prosecutors say the Fratelli dItalia anthem is a national emblem which should be protected. Defence barristers for the museum argue that while the anthem has patriotic and sentimental value, it is not a national symbol.

A judgement is due later this week. Arguments will then begin over whether the case marks a precedent – or whether its just a flash in the pan.

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