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We’re looking for a few dull men

Reuters Life via Yahoo News
Looking for safe excitement? November is fig month at the Dull Mens Club, a place in cyberspace for men who feel “born to be mild” and enjoy watching grass grow and photographing garden sheds.

“Figs are good for you. High fiber and high nutritional value … fat-free, sodium-free, cholesterol-free … not to mention the great taste. And they are portable,” enthuses the Dull Mens Club Web site http://www.dullmen.com just above its choice of “Anorak of the Month.”

While the rest of the Web teems with hazards — Trojans, viruses, bots, phishers, spyware and other people – this monochrome haven boasts “no violence or scary scenes” and does its best to exclude exclamation marks.

Instead, an analysis of baggage carousels at 376 airports globally discovers that 44.8 percent rotate counterclockwise, 29 percent clockwise. The site also reveals the reason for that orientation.

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