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What do you mean I can’t go outside?? Watch me.

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bonobo.jpgPanbanisha the bonobo is up to her tricks again. For the second time in two months, the 20-year-old monkey triggered a fire alarm at the Great Ape Trust of Iowa research center.

The trouble started at about 8:15 a.m. Wednesday, when Panbanisha wanted to go outside but the staff was too busy to let her out, trust officials said. Panbanisha then apparently lost her temper and pulled the alarm, officials said.¬† It’s a trick Panbanisha initially learned in October when she saw a welder start the alarm. It took her less than a day to learn how to duplicate the excitement.

When the alarm sounded again the next morning, “I went to check on Pan, and she was sitting there next to it with a smile on her face,” said lead scientist Sue Savage-Rumbaugh last month¬† Savage-Rumbaugh said she explained the danger of such mischief and Panbanisha promised not to do it again.

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Really scary!

The Dispatch via Ananova zambezi.jpg
A South African canoeist got into trouble after he mistakenly grabbed a dangerous Zambezi shark by the tail. Richard Tebbutt was paddling on the Nahoon River when he saw a fisherman on the bank battling to pull in a “very big fish”. The canoeist, from East London, leapt out of his canoe, intent on helping the fisherman, reports the Dispatch.

“I just jumped out of my canoe and dived down and grabbed the fish by its tail. I got the shock of my life when I saw a big Zambezi shark, charging towards me,” he said. “The shark quickly turned around, grabbed my left arm and lacerated it. Within a split second, I saw my blood in the river. I just smacked the shark as hard as I could with my right arm to get it to let go of me.”

He succeeded in getting the 5ft predator to back off – but only for a few moments until it tried to attack him again.

“I immediately jumped out of the water onto the rocks and it missed me. I could have been dead by now,” he said.

Back on dry land, Mr Tebbutt realised he was losing blood. His son, also out paddling, helped take him to a family friend, who rushed him to hospital where he had 50 stitches in his left arm.

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