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Lyon’s Daniel Manon introduced the Arola to the world in January 1976. This little enclosed moped with its distinctive shape set the pattern for a host of such vehicles in the next few years. It was destined to become one of the most successful of the French “voiturettes”.

This example is the early 3-wheeled type 11, with power by Sachs “cyclomoteur” and two-speed automatic “Saxonette” drive. The 3 hp motor gave the 242 lb car a top speed of around 40 kph. A pick-up version, the “Super Pratique”, with a small box over the rear wheels, was also available.A four-wheeled version, the Type 14 soon followed, with Motobecane 50cc engine.The car grew longer and heavier, and a BCB 125 cc motor became available on the Type 18.

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It’s ten o’clock. Do you know where your granny is?

Ananova – Police hunt granny suspects

grannies.jpgTwo [elderly ladies] suspected of nicking a purse from a handbag have been caught on CCTV.

Two white-haired pensioners, suspected of stealing a purse from a student’s handbag, have been caught on CCTV in Sunderland /PA. The grannies were seen laughing to themselves moments before a student’s purse was stolen at a train station. The white-haired pensioners, one with a bandaged ankle, are seen holding on to each other for support as they shuffle along the platform at Sunderland. They may have tried to cover their tracks by handing in the bag, reports the Mirror.

PC Gavin Alcorn, of British Transport Police, said: “The student had left her bag for a few minutes and the elderly ladies saw it and brought it into to our office. When the girl came back to look for the bag she came to us and checked her possessions. She told us her student ID, Malaysian driving licence and a small amount of cash had been taken. We would like to speak to these ladies regarding the incident. They had just got off a train from Newcastle. It is a very unusual case but I don’t think it is the start of a campaign by older members of the public. We’ve never had anything like this before.”

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May the Force, etc.

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Two self-acclaimed Jedi Knights want their faith to be formally recognised. Umada and Yunyun, also known as John Wilkinson and Charlotte Law, want the UN to acknowledge Jedi is worthy of being called a religion.

It comes after 400,000 people recorded it as their faith in the 2001 Census.

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