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Lyon’s Daniel Manon introduced the Arola to the world in January 1976. This little enclosed moped with its distinctive shape set the pattern for a host of such vehicles in the next few years. It was destined to become one of the most successful of the French “voiturettes”.

This example is the early 3-wheeled type 11, with power by Sachs “cyclomoteur” and two-speed automatic “Saxonette” drive. The 3 hp motor gave the 242 lb car a top speed of around 40 kph. A pick-up version, the “Super Pratique”, with a small box over the rear wheels, was also available.A four-wheeled version, the Type 14 soon followed, with Motobecane 50cc engine.The car grew longer and heavier, and a BCB 125 cc motor became available on the Type 18.


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