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DUI in a wheelchair?

When Donald E. Davis woke up in the hospital after his motorized wheelchair collided with a car, he noticed something disturbing – two traffic tickets on his chest.

“It’s ridiculous,” said the paraplegic man, who lost his legs 21 years ago in a train accident. “I have lived here for eight years and police have seen me driving it all around town – to the store and to doctor’s appointments – and they never gave me a ticket until someone backed into me.”

Bradenton Police Officer T. Moore cited Davis on Sept. 24 for not having a light on his wheelchair after dark, and for refusing to sign the ticket. Now Davis is going to court over the matter.

Davis,…said he was on the sidewalk of State Road 64, driving home…when he crossed the road to head toward his mobile home.

“The traffic was bad and the sand was blowing up on me, so I cut down 18th Street,” said Davis. That’s when he collided with a car.

“She didn’t have her lights on or I would have seen her,” he said. “She backed into me, hit my chair and flipped me over. I hurt my head.”

According to [the] accident report, “it appeared” Davis, who reportedly had a smell of alcohol on his breath, ran into the back of a 2002 Kia driven by Thelna Ann Keyt, of Fifth Avenue Northwest in Bradenton.

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Now even a cane is smarter than its’ owner

German scientists have developed an intelligent walking stick that calls an ambulance if the owner falls over. Scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Development in Kaiserslautern invented the ‘i-Stick’. It’s part of an ongoing Assisted Living project to use technology to help elderly people.

If a sensor in the i-Stick registers that it is in a horizontal position, for example if its elderly owner has fallen over, it sends a signal to a control unit which plays a message telling the owner to pick it up. If the stick remains on the floor the control box is programmed to call either an ambulance directly or a chosen relative.

I-Sticks have yet to hit stores but the scientists are currently looking for a distributor.

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Granny Update

Two grannies caught on CCTV stealing a bag have handed themselves into police.

Cameras caught [them] laughing as they carried the bag away.

Both women admitted the theft of the bag which they found as they got off a train at Sunderland train station. A British Transport Police spokeswoman said: “Although they handed themselves in we had already identified the two women from the CCTV footage.”

A 20-year-old Malaysian student had left the bag unattended at the station. PC Gavin Alcorn, of British Transport Police, said: “The student had left her bag for a few minutes and the elderly ladies saw it and brought it into to our office.

“When the girl came back to look for the bag she came to us and checked her possessions. She told us her student ID, Malaysian driving licence and a small amount of cash had been taken.”

The grannies were given a police caution, reports the Sun.

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