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Busy bees make keeper confident of rain

ABC News Online
An Alice Springs [Australia} apiarist says he is predicting big rains for central Australia within the next two months because of some unusual behaviour by his bees.

Keith Brooke says the bees have put breeding on hold and have started storing food…[and] are also using wax to seal their hives as they did before previous floods in Alice Springs.

“They actually get the little wax flakes and mix it up with the propolis and use it as corking or sealing compound around the cracks in the hive and up in the ventilators,” he said. “They are supposed to have four ventilators in them but they block them up with propolis. It’s very reminiscent of [the late]…88-87 [period of] , quite heavy, substantial rain.

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VDOT chief waits 5 hours for license, gets turned down


va-dot_logo.jpgEven the commissioner of the Virginia Department of Transportation couldn’t get a break from the Department of Motor Vehicle’s rules on issuing new driver’s licenses.

VDOT Commissioner Dave Ekern visited a DMV office last week to get his license but lacked documents to prove he is a legal resident of Virginia. Ekern was Idaho’s transportation director for three years before his Virginia appointment in September.

Ekern went home, found the proper paperwork and headed back to stand in line again.

His wife, a licensed Virginia driver, managed to get approved on her first try. “My wife is obviously a much better negotiator than I am,” he told legislators at a committee meeting on Monday.

There were no hard feelings because of the snub.

“He was amused about it and proud that DMV workers were doing their jobs,” Jeff Caldwell, a spokesman for VDOT, said Tuesday.

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Drug Tests for chess players??

Chess’s world governing body will introduce dope testing at the Asian Games this week, although the sport’s top official in Doha said he had no idea how drugs could enhance chess performance.

“I would not know which drug could possibly help a chess player to improve his game,” competition manager Yousuf Ahmad Ali said.

“But, yes, there will be official monitors who may demand that players undergo a drugs test after the rounds.”

Drug testing is the latest move by the World Chess Federation (FIDE) to raise international standards in the hope of making chess an Olympic sport in the future.


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A whole new meaning for “cold hearted”—outrageous

A Romanian woman was sent the body of her dead father in the post after a cemetery was sold to developers.

Aurelia Cenusa, from Severin, says clergy in her father’s hometown of Darvari, 300 miles away, told her the graveyard his body had been buried in was to be sold and his body exhumed. She said she thought the priest was joking when he told her to come and collect her father Rafaila Cojocaru’s remains – or receive them in the post.

Cenusa said: “I had entered a lottery a few weeks ago and when I got the large parcel I thought I had won something. Instead I opened it up to find a banana crate containing the bones of my dead father. You could still even see bits of his funeral suit even though he died 16 years ago. I told the priest to sell my father’s grave and I expected the Church would bury him somewhere else. I had no idea he was being serious when he told me I would be getting the skeleton through the post if I didn’t come. It’s outrageous.”

She added that she intended to sue church officials. Local police have launched an investigation.

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Cops with a heart

A German couple caught speeding on their way to give birth were given a toy for their new baby instead of a ticket.

Barbara and Johann Meyer, from Wachtberg, initially received a ticket after a speed camera photographed them breaking the speed limit. But when they told authorities that they were on their way to hospital where Barbara gave birth to their first baby, police cancelled the fine.  Instead, they sent them a toy police officer in uniform – holding a speed camera.

Police also recommended the Meyers put the original speeding camera image into their son’s first photo album.

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