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Busy bees make keeper confident of rain

ABC News Online
An Alice Springs [Australia} apiarist says he is predicting big rains for central Australia within the next two months because of some unusual behaviour by his bees.

Keith Brooke says the bees have put breeding on hold and have started storing food…[and] are also using wax to seal their hives as they did before previous floods in Alice Springs.

“They actually get the little wax flakes and mix it up with the propolis and use it as corking or sealing compound around the cracks in the hive and up in the ventilators,” he said. “They are supposed to have four ventilators in them but they block them up with propolis. It’s very reminiscent of [the late]…88-87 [period of] , quite heavy, substantial rain.

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  1. Well the bees were right mate!!!!


    Alice caught off guard by deluge
    Friday, 19 January 2007

    While parts of the drought-ravaged east coast burn, an unlikely part of the continent is being deluged.

    Usually bone-dry, central Australia is experiencing an unprecedented downpour of rain, with roads and infrastructure being shut down due to flooding.

    The Todd River, which normally is a trickle at best, has become a raging torrent.

    Comment by Rob | January 19, 2007

  2. Thanks for the comment. Stay dry.

    Comment by oldster | January 19, 2007

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