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VDOT chief waits 5 hours for license, gets turned down


va-dot_logo.jpgEven the commissioner of the Virginia Department of Transportation couldn’t get a break from the Department of Motor Vehicle’s rules on issuing new driver’s licenses.

VDOT Commissioner Dave Ekern visited a DMV office last week to get his license but lacked documents to prove he is a legal resident of Virginia. Ekern was Idaho’s transportation director for three years before his Virginia appointment in September.

Ekern went home, found the proper paperwork and headed back to stand in line again.

His wife, a licensed Virginia driver, managed to get approved on her first try. “My wife is obviously a much better negotiator than I am,” he told legislators at a committee meeting on Monday.

There were no hard feelings because of the snub.

“He was amused about it and proud that DMV workers were doing their jobs,” Jeff Caldwell, a spokesman for VDOT, said Tuesday.

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