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Even “polar bears” have their limit

You know it’s cold outside when a polar bear swim is cancelled due to the weather.

Roughly 45 students and professors from the University of Manitoba’s faculty of management had planned to jump into an outdoor pool of icy water today before warming up in a couple of hot tubs. The inaugural event, dubbed the Chillin’ for Charity Polar Bear Swim, was intended as a fundraiser for the United Way.

But with a recent drop in temperatures and no end in sight to the chilly weather, organizers cancelled the dip because of concerns about the health and safety of students and other participants.

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Military radio signal jams garage doors

Yahoo News
What do remote-control garage door openers have to do with national security? A secretive Air Force facility in Colorado Springs tested a radio frequency this past week that it would use to communicate with first responders in the event of a homeland security threat. But the frequency also controls an estimated 50 million garage door openers, and hundreds of residents in the area found that theirs had suddenly stopped working.

“It would have been nice not to have to get out of the car and open the door manually,” said Dewey Rinehard, pointing out that the outage happened during the first cold snap of the year, with lows in the teens.

Capt. Tracy Giles of the 21st Space Wing said Air Force officials were trying to figure out how to resolve the problem of their signal overpowering garage door remotes.

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Another redneck limo, Texas style



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