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Make money quick

A company in northeast China raised [around $400 million] from gullible members of the public by promising big profits from a project to breed ants, Xinhua news agency said. The Donghua Ecological Breeding Company, in Liaoning province, offered returns of 35 to 60 percent on investment in the bogus project, Xinhua said.

The state agency cited the Public Security Ministry which had detailed the case as an example of how fraudsters were becoming more imaginative.

The report did not explain why the public would want to invest in ants but, in the southern region of Guangxi, black ants are sold by the bagful to be steeped in tea or soaked in liquor as a natural remedy for ailments such as arthritis.

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Bus shelters get cookie scent

milk.jpg Hoping to stir up thirst for milk, officials have installed advertisements in several San Francisco bus shelters that give off the scent of freshly baked cookies.

The technology that creates the scent is very similar to that used in magazine ads. Scented adhesives are placed throughout the interior of the bus shelters, including under the benches.

“As long as they are not harmful chemicals, it’s OK,” one somewhat confused elderly woman said as she pondered the cookie smell in one of the shelters. “They are trying to sell milk? Is that it?”

The effort at five bus shelters is part of a campaign cooked up by the California Milk Processor Board, whose iconic “Got Milk?” campaign has adorned famous figures from around the world with milk mustaches for 13 years.

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Mince pies: never fear. The Council is here to save you.

A village Christmas party could be banned unless locals carry out a risk assessment – on mince pies. Council bosses in Embsay, North Yorkshire, ordered that posters are put up warning revellers the pies contain nuts and suet pastry.

Local resident Steve Dobson wanted to organise a free party for locals with a fireworks display, mince pies, mulled wine and a Santa’s grotto. The mince pies are being baked and given free by the Embsay and East by Women’s Institute, reports the Mirror.

Steve said: “It is bureaucracy gone mad. I got a letter from the council saying we had to carry out a risk assessment of everything involved in the event. When I asked if that included the mince pies I was told it [does].”


Nice to know that the US isn’t the only country with idiot politicians.

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This little piggie took the expressway

Reuters via Yahoo! News
A freeway operator in northeast China has been ordered to pay the equivalent of $150,000 in compensation to six people injured in an accident caused by — a pig.

In January last year, the six were heading along the expressway from Harbin, capital of Heilongjiang province, to Daqing.

“As the vehicle approached Zhaodong city, the driver saw a pig loom up in front of him,” Xinhua news agency said. “To avoid a collision, he ploughed into a road barrier.”

All six were injured, one seriously, Xinhua said. The driver was initially held responsible for the accident but the six injured sued the operator of the Harbin-Daqing freeway, demanding compensation. A court ruled the company, which collects toll fees, was responsible for “ensuring that the freeway is safe and free of obstacles”.

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Garbage Lard

A factory manager in east China has been arrested for using grease from swill, sewage, pesticides and recycled industrial oil to make lard for human consumption, state media said Monday in the country’s latest food scare.

Ying Fuming, a manager at the Fanchang Grease Factory in Taizhou, a city in Zhejiang province, sold the lard at half the price of other wholesalers while promising that his product met safety standards, the Shanghai Daily said. The factory was shut down and local health and food authorities began an investigation this year after an anonymous tip indicated that the plant “recycled large amounts of used grease to process substandard lard,” the newspaper said.

It is the latest incident involving substandard or fake food products in China, where there is rampant counterfeiting of food and medicines.

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More Regulatory Idiocy

More at Fred Foldvary’s Editorial
Drug warriors scored a virtual victory after the 2006 U.S. elections when they hurriedly extended the War on Drugs to a psychoactive substance previously exempt: nepetalactone, the main psychoactive ingredient in catnip. It is well known that the sniffing of catnip makes some cats “turn on.” Their eyes open wide, they roll over on the floor, they hug and bite the catnip toy and kick it with the feet, and they friskily run to and fro, similar to human beings who go crazy ingesting psychoactive drugs.

While catnip does not have the same effect on human beings, the advocates of banning catnip have pointed out that children who give their cats catnip and then see the cat being “happy” might get dangerous ideas about getting high. They think, if the cat can feel good, why not them too? Indeed, the first step to marijuana addiction may well be catnip! According to the drug warriors, catnip has been a major gateway to the human abuse of drugs, and yet there has been no prohibition.


The levels of lunacy in regulatory bodies never ceases to amaze. What’s next? A piece of cloth on a string? Cats like that too.

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Road-spraying releases spirits

A police-led initiative of spraying water on state highways to release the trapped spirits of those killed in motor crashes has been declared a success.

Yesterday a special police convoy carrying Maori elders sprayed 10,000 litres of Waikato River water on SH1 and SH2 in a bid to free the spirits of crash victims. Dick Waihi, iwi liaison officer for the Counties-Manukau police district, today said the operation had been successful.

“About 35 people turned up to support us,” Mr Waihi said. “It was very successful. It was a first for the country and we have had some really good feedback.”

Maori elders consider the combination of blessed river water and prayers to be a trigger for the release of the spirits of those trapped by violent deaths on the roads.

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