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shar-pei.jpg A dog has been given a £1,000 facelift. Shankly the shar-pei – similar to a bulldog – had the wrinkles over his eyes removed when it became difficult for him to see.

Shankly was brought into Battersea Dogs and Cats Home after being picked up wandering the streets, reports the Daily Mail. In an hour-long operation, head vet Shaun Opperman removed a large swathe of skin from across his forehead and between his eyes.

Mr Opperman said: “It is only the second time in my two-year career that I have carried out this operation.  Although Shanklys wrinkles are very typical of the breed, the trouble was that he was completely blinded by the folds of skin that covered his eyes, so the way of giving him his sight back was to carry out a face-lift.”

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