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The girl with the green hair

A schoolgirl’s blonde hair turned bright green after she went for a swim. Seven-year-old Paige Williams hair changed colour after swimming with her school at a leisure centre in Morrison, near Swansea, reports the Mirror.

Paige only discovered what had happened after lifting her orange rubber swimming cap. Now cruel classmates are calling her Hulk’s Daughter after the TV character. Her family say they have tried everything to get the colour out but nothing has worked so far. Now they fear she will still be green for Christmas.

Her mum Lucy Williams, aged 24, of Tirpenry, Morriston, said “She has been going to school with vinegar and, lemons in her hair to try to bleach it out.”

A Swansea Council spokesman said Paige had been wearing her hair in a bobble under her cap which might have been responsible. He said the chemical levels in the pool had been normal and added: “Staff have been closely monitoring the pool since the matter was noted and no further incidents of this nature have been reported.”

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