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This guy needs a new career

Maybe a check list would work for one Moscow car thief, who was arrested after the car he stole ran out of gas during rush hour.

Traffic police arrested Alexei Ashurin, 30, during morning rush hour last Thursday after the 15-year-old Volkswagen he was driving ran dry in southern Moscow, police told the Moscow Times. Police said as officers at the scene helped Ashurin push the vehicle out of traffic, they noticed “a screwdriver sticking out of the ignition, and the lock on the door had been damaged.”

The suspect, previously convicted of car theft and drug possession, didn’t even try to offer excuses. Instead, he cried, the newspaper said. His other auto theft conviction bore a resemblance: The brakes failed on the car he stole from a repair shop — where it was scheduled for a brake job.

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Smuggling cattle on bus

Science Daily
longhorn.jpeg A cattle rustler who attempted to sneak five cows out of a Russian village in a passenger bus has been caught by area authorities.

The Moscow News reported that the unidentified man, who police said was one of two men likely involved in the theft, was caught by police from the Russian seaport of Kaliningrad as he attempted to escape with the bus full of cattle.

The unsuccessful thief, who along with his alleged partner is also suspected of stealing a car, admitted that he was using the bus as transportation since he believed no one would search it for the missing cows.

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Speed Cameras axed—too dangerous

A notoriuos motorway speed camera which has increased the risk of accidents and caused huge tailbacks is to be scrapped.

The trap on the M4 has become a hazard during rush-hour as drivers brake sharply to avoid fines. It has also triggered bunching, with motorists forced to stop and start along the 50mph stretch.

The Gatsos axing is thought to be the first such move by highways officials on safety grounds. Campaigner Paul Smith, of Safe Speed, said it was a landmark admission by authorities cameras can be counterproductive.

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