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Good News: We found your luggage. Bad News: In the trash

luggage.jpg Authorities are trying to figure out how dozens of pieces of luggage belonging to international air travelers ended up in a trash bin behind a Houston [Texas] pet store.

FBI Special Agent Rolando Munoz said 68 pieces of luggage from various international flights were discovered. He said the luggage was turned over to Continental Airlines to sort out. Harris County sheriff’s deputies said the luggage belonged to people who flew internationally on Continental, Lufthansa, British Airways and US Airways, Houston TV station KPRC reported.

Sgt. Dana Wolfe, a spokeswoman for the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, which first responded to the luggage report, said tags on the bags showed some of the travelers were going to or from London and Dubai.

Continental spokeswoman Mary Clark didn’t know if the contents of the bags were stolen. She said the airline would investigate along with law enforcement authorities.

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