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Half-animal woman found in Cambodian jungle

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A woman who disappeared in the jungles of northeastern Cambodia as a child has apparently been found after living in the wild for 19 years, police said Thursday.

The woman – believed to be Rochom Pngieng, now 27 years old – cannot speak any intelligible language, so details of her saga have been difficult to confirm. “She is like half-human and half-animal,” said Mao San, police chief of Oyadao district in Rattanakiri province. “Shes weird. She sleeps during the day and stays up at night.”

The father of Rochom Pngieng, a member of the Pnong ethnic minority, said he recognized his daughter by a scar on her back and her facial features, according to Mao San. The father is a village policeman named Sal Lou.

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