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House Printer Nears Test

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Contour Crafting (CC) is basically a “house printer;” when supplied with the proper instructions, it will “print out” a complete shell of a house. Technovelgy readers should be familiar with the work of Dr. Behrokh Khoshnevis from a previous article (see Contour Crafting: 3D House Printer for additional details on how the technique actually works).

According to a recent article in the TimesOnLine, a UK news site, Dr. Khoshnevis’ Contour Crafting techniques will receive their first real world test in Los Angeles sometime in April of this year. The first prototype will be a watertight shell of a two-story house built in 24 hours – without a single construction worker on the job site.

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Headline: “Man pulls car with ears” Why? Shrug.



A Chinese man has pulled a car for more than 200 metres – with his ears – while riding a motorbike.

Wang Lianhai, 36, from Qiqihaer city, demonstrated the stunt in a street in Beijing. With his ears attached to metal clamps, in turn connected to steel wires, he pulled the 1.2 tonne car with a driver sitting inside. After several failed attempts, Wang reportedly gave a loud cry and drove the motorbike slowly forward, stopping only at the end of the street.

“Although by foot its more safe, I prefer to pull the car using a motorbike, which requires more skill,” he said. Wang said he had been working on the stunt since childhood when he had been “very naughty and eager to try new things”.

His next ambition is to pull a ship, reports the Beijing Evening News.

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Year of the Pig

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Chinese artist, Chen Jingzhong, puts his finishing touches on a giant sculpture depicting a mother pig and piglets at his workshop in Xiamen southeastern China’s Fujian province Wednesday Jan. 24, 2007. China welcomes the year of the pig during its Spring Festival in February and images of the animal are considered auspicious during the year

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