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Health tip: Don’t drink hand gel

Reuters via CNN.com
At least two people have become intoxicated by drinking hand-sanitizing gels, a potentially deadly habit, doctors reported Wednesday.

A prison inmate and a hospitalitzed alcoholic both were treated for poisoning from the gels, which contain alcohol — but not the same kind as found in beverages.

Evidently people misunderstand the labels that show the gels, foams and liquids contain alcohol, the doctors said in separate letters to the New England Journal of Medicine. Cases of people drinking the hand gels because of their alcohol content have not previously been reported in major medical journals.

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And speaking of teeth…



A Chinese man has reportedly trained himself to break nails with his teeth. Cai Dongsheng, 41, from Chongqing city, demonstrated his ‘skill’ to neighbours, reports Chongqiong Business News.

He clamped four 6cm long nails in a vice, wrapped them with gauze to protect his mouth and then gripped them between his teeth. With his cheek muscles bulging, the nails began to bend and – after one minute and 58 seconds – they snapped.

One neighbour said: “It’s amazing to see such strong teeth, they are really made of steel.”

Cai says he trained himself after watching a TV show, called Challenge, in which a performer snapped a thin nail with his teeth.

“I trained myself for a long time and snapped more than 10 kg [22 pounds] of nails, although my family is not supportive. I trained myself secretively,” he said. Cai has recorded his performance and mailed it to the TV programme. His next ambition is to use his teeth to break a reinforced steel bar.

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Polish cops take a bite out of crime — sort of

dentures.jpeg A suspected car thief was tracked down by police after he left his false teeth at the crime scene. Police say Wojtek Lekowsky, 54, broke into a car in Czarna Dabrowka in northwest Poland and stole a stereo, but lost his teeth when he tried to make a quick getaway after the car alarm went off.

He was tracked down using dental records. Police charged him with robbery.

Police spokesman Roman Krakowiak said: “He tried to tell us that while the false teeth were his and they had been stolen from him, and he had not been anywhere near the car at the time of the theft. But we knew he is lying through his dentures.”

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