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‘Beer Drinker’s Diet’

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glass-of-beer.jpg There’s a new diet just in time for the Super Bowl. But don’t worry, this one’s different, and perfect for people with game day plans. CBS 2 Medical Editor Mary Ann Childers reports that this diet allows that staple of tailgating parties – beer. It’s usually a no-no for dieters because beer is loaded with calories. But the author of a new book says you can have your favorite drink and diet, too — on the beer drinker’s diet.

Bradley Cailor was a yo-yo dieter. He hit bottom when his scale topped out at 266 pounds. Today, he’s a trim 152, and he did it drinking beer.

“It’s a mental thing, guys. Knowing that you’re allowed to have fun makes it work for you,” said Cailor, author of “The Beer Drinker’s Diet.”

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