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“Twas the smile on the face of the crocodile…”

Reuters via Yahoo! News
i_crocodile.jpg It’s a love story with difference – the friendship between a Costa Rican fisherman and a four-and-a-half metre (15 feet) long crocodile. Every Sunday, Gilberto Shedden dons a tattered pair of leopard-print shorts, dives into a lake and splashes about in the water with his crocodile Pocho, to gasps from a large crowd of locals and tourists.

Shedden, 50, rolls the crocodile onto his back, cavorts about with him, lifts his toothy head out of the water and even kisses him tenderly on the snout…

But for Shedden, his exploits with Pocho are more than just a show. They demonstrate the friendship he has struck up with the crocodile, a reptile with a fierce reputation.

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