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It’s the Green Mountain, boys.

Yahoo! News
Villagers in southwestern China are scratching their heads over the county government’s decision to paint an entire barren mountainside green.

Workers who began spraying Laoshou mountain last August told villagers they were doing so on orders of the county government but were not told why, media reports said Wednesday. Some villagers guessed officials of the surrounding Fumin county, whose office building faces the mountain, were trying to change the area’s feng shui — the ancient Chinese belief of harmonizing one’s physical environment for maximum health and financial benefit.

Others speculated it was an unusual attempt at “greening” the area in keeping with calls for more attention to environmental protection. Photographs of the mountain showed the exposed rock covered in an artificial green the color of Astroturf looming over houses against a scrubby background.

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That’s the last redneck architect I ever hire!



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Cleopatra no beauty. Anthony not so hot either.



Cleopatra was not the great beauty that legend would have us believe – and Antony was no oil painting either. A study of a 2,000-year-old silver coin found the Egyptian queen, famously portrayed by Elizabeth Taylor, had a pointed chin, thin lips and sharp nose.

Her Roman lover, played by Richard Burton, had bulging eyes, thick neck and a hook nose.

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Dog pees upside down



A Chinese woman says her pet dog has taken to peeing upside down. Mrs Chen, of Changchun city, says 18-month-old Baby began peeing in the new position just three months ago.

“He used to pee as other dogs do. But one day I found him putting both hind legs up onto the tree to pee,” she told East Asia Business News. “I thought maybe that was only for the one day. But from then on, unexpectedly, he would pee in that acrobatic position.”

Chen says Babys other unusual trait is that he is a vegetarian.

“He can’t eat meat because it makes him throw up. So I only feed him egg yolk and corn pancakes, and that’s been his main food,” she said.

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