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Dog sings ringtones

A Chinese woman claims her pet dog can ‘sing’ along with mobile phone ringtones. Mrs Zhang, of Xi’an, capital of Shaanxi province, says 14-month-old Dangdang picked up the habit a year ago.

“I was in the kitchen and my mobile phone rang in the sitting room. Then I heard Dangdang making a series of strange sounds, which was exactly in the rhythm of the music.


Must be a sibling of the upside down peeing dog.

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Ananova – Chocolate car



A Chinese car dealer covered a car in chocolate for Valentines Day. About 200kgs of melted chocolate was spread over the VW Beetle after it was first wrapped in cling film.

Seven people worked overnight to make sure the chocolate car was ready to go on display on the morning of Valentines Day.

According to China News Network, the car attracted many viewers and lovers to the dealer in Qingdao city.

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Robot Plow

The wintry [Pennsylvania] blast was a perfect opportunity for Bill Lauver to put his robot plow through its paces.

For three years, Lauver has often done snow clearing from the comfort of his living room, watching from the window as the converted golf cart with plow attachment plies the drive while he operates the remote control.

“It’s funny, we’ll see people look at it really strange, and my husband will be standing in the window,” said Lauver’s wife, Sue.

Lauver said the plow is a converted 4 horsepower electric golf cart, geared down for a slower speed and more power to shove snow. The plow can handle 6 to 8 inches of snow, Lauver said.

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How not to hijack an airplane

Lots more at Yahoo News
A fast-thinking pilot with passengers in cahoots fooled a hijacker by braking hard upon landing, then accelerating to knock the man down. When he fell, flight attendants threw boiling water in his face, and about 10 people pounced on him, Spanish officials said Friday.

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