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Ananova – Op is ‘turtle’ success
Doctors at a Chinese hospital have performed a caesarean section on a turtle.

Keepers at Chengdu City Zoo sent the turtle, called Dabao, to hospital for an x-ray to find out why she was so lethargic, reports China Central Television.

“We were amazed to see that there were 14 eggs in her body,” said Wu, the administrative director of the zoo. We suspect she was having a difficult labour because too many eggs were congesting the outlet.”

The zoo sent the turtle to Chengdu 416 Hospital for a caesarean delivery, and doctors more used to human patients managed to improvise. The turtle hid inside its shell so the anaesthetist had to wait patiently and then act quickly when she popped her head out.

Hospital director Dr Liu Wei said: “We decided to open the shell covering its stomach with a skull opener since the shell is about as hard as a human skull.”

It took more than two hours for the doctors to open the shell, remove the 14 eggs and then reseal the shell with epoxy resin.

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