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Roll out the barrel


Now that’s what you call a beer garden. A barrage of runaway barrels caused carnage after a brewery lorry dropped its load in a quiet Somerset village.

About 100 metal kegs, barrels and bottles rolled into gardens in Pecking Mill, near Shepton Mallet, battering flower displays and spraying beer over nearby homes. The accident is thought to have caused damage worth thousands of pounds, and left residents in shock.

The 14-metre articulated lorry toppled while taking a sharp bend on the A371, a stretch of road known locally as an accident blackspot.

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Dang! Caught!

CNET News.com
A gambling operator in Ontario, Canada, has shut down 87 Konami video slot machines due to concerns that they may contain subliminal messages encouraging players to keep gambling, according to CBC News. The Canadian news service reported that three brands of video slot machines sold by the publisher’s gambling division flashed winning jackpot symbols for one-fifth of a second during every spin.

A Konami spokesperson told the CBC the jackpot symbols were the result of a software glitch the company will fix.

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Does Mercedes sell broomsticks?

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Romanian witches are carving out a lucrative new business – concocting spells to help locals get EU grants. Until now the country’s witches have confined themselves to love potions and spells to get cows to produce more milk.

But the EU expansion has seen funding for new projects flood into the country and now locals hoping to gain a slice of the action are turning to witches to boost their chances.

Witch Florica, from Pitesti in southern Romania, said: “It’s a new type of spell that we had to work out of course. You cannot pretend you are a real witch if you cannot help a businessman get the European Union funds he wants…”

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Virgin Mary appears on pizza pan??


Dinner ladies at a school in Texas claim to have found the image of the Virgin Mary on the bottom of a pizza pan.

After scrubbing failed to shift it, rumour spread of a divine apparation – and now pilgrims are flocking to a makeshift shrine in the cooking tray’s honour.

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Excuses, excuses, excuses

An online shop is selling excuses to people in China. The shop, Tuofu, which means ‘bring fortune to people’, charges different prices depending on the type of excuse needed.

Everyday excuses cost the equivalent of [about US $1.50]  while an excuse for breaking off a relationship is [about US $15].

However, the most expensive ‘excuse’ is the marriage proposal which costs more than £100.


They’ll give you a discount if you buy more than one excuse at a time.

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