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Man wanted for using magic to try to revive father’s corpse

 Oddly Enough | Reuters
Pakistani police are hunting a man who dug up his father’s two-year old corpse and took it home in a hijacked ambulance to try to bring him back to life. Abdul Rehman’s family say he is mentally ill and has never been able to cope with his father’s death, police said on Saturday.

“He dug up the corpse on Thursday night after he had hijacked an ambulance and its driver at gunpoint and took it to his home,” Ghulam Murtaza, a duty officer at Ferozabad police station in the southern city of Karachi, told Reuters.

Police raided the house on Friday after a complaint from the trust that owned the ambulance and from Rehman’s brother.


Rehman is facing a year in jail for “defiling a corpse” but it sounds like he needs treatment more than punishment.

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Heads up in Toronto

Globe and Mail

cntower.jpgSheets of ice being sheared off the CN Tower in downtown Toronto by strong winds have prompted police to close a section of a busy east-west highway and limit access on a key route into the heart of the city’s financial district.

The Gardiner Expressway along the city’s waterfront has been closed in both directions along a 2.5 kilometre stretch (between Yonge Street and Spadina Avenue). A police officer said several pieces of ice were torn loose from the 533-metre tower, including one piece “four feet by four feet and several inches thick” that flew over top of the Gardiner [Expressway].

The officer added that several pieces about the size of baseballs have landed on the Gardiner, and after falling from more than 500 metres, they can “kill people.” The officer said a “very large chunk of ice is ready to blow away from the tower,” and the expressway will not be opened until police feel it’s safe to do so. Environment Canada had issued a wind warning for Toronto due to gusts expected to reach up to 90 kilometres [54miles] an hour.

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Bus passed by its’ own rear wheel

A Swiss bus packed with skiers had a narrow escape after it was overtaken on a busy motorway by its own rear wheel.

The driver of the bus had started to slow down when the wheel sped past, and [he] pulled over on to the hard shoulder. Police say the driver avoided an accident through his actions, by forcing the weight of the bus onto the front wheels.

The wheel was eventually found two miles down the A3 heading towards Chur. It was one of a pair that had come loose from the left of the vehicle. The other was found in the road, causing long tailbacks.

Police believe crooks may have earlier tried to steal the wheels but been disturbed.

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