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Words to the wise

Look wise, say nothing, and grunt. Speech was given to conceal thought.
Sir William Osler

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OK, Ms. Lefty! Drop the fish!

The folks at Di’s Diner [Bulls Gap, Tennessee] were assaulted with a catfish dinner of their own making. Employee Tina Henry and owner Dwight Jenkins told authorities a “blond, heavy-frame female” tried to slip out of their Bulls Gap eatery, about 60 miles northeast of Knoxville, with a pilfered catfish meal Friday night.

“Tina states that as the suspect was paying, they told her she would have to pay for the dinner in her purse,” Hawkins County Sheriff’s Cpl. David Lafollette wrote in his report. “She then became mad, throwing money at the cash register. The suspect then walked outside, and Tina and Dwight followed,” the report said. “The suspect then threw the fish out of her purse at Tina, hitting her in the back.”


Tina wasn’t hurt but the dinner was sort of messed up.¬†

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Man, 85, saved by nail



Zhao Jingzhi, 85, had a miraculous escape in China after he fell from a fifth floor window but was saved by a nail which snagged his clothing until help arrived. The nail in the wall, between the fourth and fifth floors, snagged his clothing and held his weight until help arrived. After 30 minutes hanging from the outside of the building in Zhengzhou city, Henan province, Zhao Jingzhi was rescued by firefighters.

“I was trying to open the window, but I pushed too hard and lost my balance and fell out,” he told Zhengzhou Evening Papers.

The alarm was raised by [a woman] , who lives on the fourth floor, who called police when she saw two legs swinging outside her window.

“I was surfing the internet, and suddenly heard a loud bang, and saw two legs outside,” she said.

Zhao was taken to hospital for a check-up where doctors said he was in good health – but advised him to be more careful in future.

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