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“You don’t have to be rich…”

Ikea is selling flat-pack homes in Britain from £70,000 each. The first timber-framed flats have gone on sale at the Swedish furniture giant’s Gateshead store, reports the Mirror…

They are the first of their kind in Britain, and have double glazing, wooden floors and fitted kitchens and bathrooms…

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Here, fishy, fishy

A Chinese man is looking for a good home for his pet carp which he says is fully trained. Fang Peng, from Pingsai town, Guizhou Province, claims ‘Submarine’ responds to his name being called out.


Fang runs a fishing pond and his family have been training the carp for six years, reports the Guizhou City Papers.

He said: “He is very smart, and never takes the bait of anglers.”

Fang says the fish developed his ability to understand human speech from his father who used to spend four hours a day with him. Fang added: “He would tie a piece of cake or bread on the top of the fishing pole and call ‘Submarine’. On hearing his name, Submarine would emerge from the water and take the food. Or I would feed him by hand.”

Fang needs to find a new home for Submarine as the river which runs into his fishing pond has been diverted for irrigation.


There have been a number of — um — “unusual” stories coming out of China lately. 

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No more “Wash Me” for this guy

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He’s made a likeness of the Mona Lisa. There’s a portrait of Albert Einstein. He’s even recreated that infamous picture of dogs playing poker. You’ve seen knock-offs of those before. So what’s the big deal about Scott Wade’s art? It’s his canvas.

The San Marcos, Texas graphics interface designer paints his masterpieces in a place where they’re guaranteed not to last for posterity – the dirty windows on his Mini Cooper.

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