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The Anomalies Network has unveiled the UFOCrawler, one of the first of a new breed of search engines specifically tuned to search for information about the paranormal and unexplained.

UFOCrawler was developed to make it easier to conduct advanced research and tap information and knowledge sources worldwide to form educated opinions about topics such as UFO Sightings, time travel, conspiracy theories and anomalies.

Powered by IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Edition enterprise search software, UFOCrawler helps users precisely target and gather information from relevant sources, including thousands of documents and files collected in the vast Anomalies Network archive, as well as multiple global resources across the Web on topics such as such as ghosts, conspiracy theories and extraterrestrials. Previously, using a conventional Web search engine, a search on a term such as Area 51, for example — would return thousands of irrelevant and inaccurate results.

UFOCrawler helps users more clearly define and target their search to a particular topic, for instance to search for information about an aurora sighted over Area 51. UFOCrawler is tuned to search for and deliver the specific information requested or refine an area of interest.

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