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Monks get with the times

A German monastery is replacing its collection boxes with machines that accept payments from debit and credit cards. The Benedictine monastery and church at Schaeftlarn said they wanted to make donations easier and that many visitors wanted to donate, but often had no cash on them.

Payments go straight into the monks’ bank account as soon as the PIN code and amount is typed in.

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Today’s dumb crook

AP via cbs11tv.com

A burglary suspect was arrested [in Bettendorf, Iowa] after he left behind a Corrections Department identification card he used to jimmy a lock, authorities said.

Officers said they arrested Robert Alan Fry…after investigating the theft Tuesday of a plastic jug containing about $400 in change from an apartment in Bettendorf…they found Fry’s Illinois Department of Corrections ID card at the apartment and arrested him Wednesday at a…motel…

Fry was released from the Illinois prison system in January, having served two years and three months of a 10-year sentence for…burglary.

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Other places

Sorry about the lack of new posts on here today. The morning was spent checking a new release of Foresight 2.17.92 linux showcasing the new Gnome 2.18 desktop and writing a brief review. If this sort of thing interests you just pop over to TechNudge Live/Linux and have a look.

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