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Worth a read: Hand Transplant to Go Home

A Michigan man who became the nation’s third successful hand transplant recipient expects his new right hand to get a workout holding a fishing rod once he returns home. David Savage, an auto-parts plant supervisor from Bay City, Mich., will go home Saturday to continue his painstaking therapy following his 15-hour surgery Nov. 29 at Jewish Hospital in Louisville. The nations first two hand transplant recipients underwent surgery at the same hospital…

Savage said Friday that his new hand is getting stronger and more flexible.  “I’m getting more movement out of the fingers and thumb,” he said in an interview. “Sensation is starting to come back. I’m feeling a lot of things that I didn’t feel at first.”

Savage, 54, said he feels a tingling sensation in his right palm and sometimes gets “little shooting pains into the fingertips.” He said he can feel cold sensation with the hand but still doesn’t feel anything hot.

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