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Chopin’s piano found in England — cool!


The grand piano Frederic Chopin took on his last concert tour has been found in an English country house thanks to detective work by a Swiss musical scholar.

“It came as a bolt from the blue,” said British collector Alec Cobbe after discovering that the piano he bought 20 years ago for 2,000 pounds is a piece of musical history.

For more than 150 years after the composers death, Chopins piano vanished until Professor Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger researched the ledgers of French pianomaker Camille Pleyel.

The scholar, who had met Cobbe at a Chopin conference, came to see the collector armed with details of where and to whom all the Pleyel pianos were sold. By its serial number, he was able to identify Cobbes piano as the one the Polish-born composer brought to Britain on a farewell tour in 1848.

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Another Chinese cat story

chinesecat1.jpg A Chinese man says his cat can clearly pronounce his own name. Mr Sun, from Beijing, says two-year-old Agui says his name when he gets frightened.

“Last year I was helping him take a bath, and he was scared of the water. After couple of ‘miaow’s, I heard a clear ‘Agui’,” he told the Star Daily. “At first I doubted what I was hearing, but he kept calling his name, very clearly, and sounding like a child.”

Mr Sun says that from then on, Agui has said his own name whenever he is frightened. “At bath time, when he gets a shot from the vet, or gets scared playing outside, he cries out, ‘Agui’,” he added.

The Fangzhuang Pet Hospital has filmed Agui saying his name when Mr Sun pretended to give him a bath. A hospital spokesman said repeatedly hearing his own name would have made an impression on Agui which comes out under stress.

“If the owner can give him systematic training, the cat should be able to speak more Chinese,” a spokesman claimed.


It used to be that Eastern Europe was the main source of strange news reports but clearly China is catching up in this area too. Hmmm. I wonder if the English translation of “Agui” is “Meow”?

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