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Dragon ‘to rival Great Wall of China’ — not even close


[ The ] Chinese people have condemned a project to build a 13-mile long dragon along a mountain ridge outside a city. Developers say the project will rival the Great Wall of China and revive tourism to historic Xinzheng city, Henan province.

But, in a survey of 50,000 people, 92% strongly opposed the project for “abusing the environment and wasting money”.

More than 800 metres of the dragon, made of steel and cement, have already been completed, reports Henan Business News.

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  1. Wow what a shame, it would of been nice to see a 13 mile long sea creature, yes dragons did exist in china and they have a dragon up for display in one of the museums but scientist said that it was a water creature that often came out of the water but it did not breath fire or fly.

    So the dragon becomes a fish lol

    Comment by CGF CREATIONS | August 15, 2008

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