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Can’t find a job? Create your own. Become a goddess.

bahucharaji.jpgAn unemployed…man [from Tooting, UK]  has found work at last – as an Indian Goddess who thousands of Hindus believe can cure infertility. Pilgrims head to a remote jungle temple to be blessed by Steve Cooper, 32, from South West London, reports The Sun.

Surrounded by followers, Steve declared: “I love being here. I don’t miss anything about Tooting.”

He is regarded as a reincarnation of Bahucharaji, the patron of Indian eunuchs. He has been at the temple in the northern state of Gujarat for three months. Every time Steve walks through the local village, people flock to greet him, shouting: “Jay Bahuchar Ma” – “The goddess is here.”

Steve calls himself Pamela. But his devotees have dubbed him Prema – Hindi for Divine Love.


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