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Crime Tip: Don’t hide in a Port-a-Potty

porta-potty.jpgPolice looking for a purse snatcher [in Moundsville, West Virginia] were able to flush the suspect out from the portable toilet where he was hiding.

“A Port-A-Potty is not a good place to hide,” police Chief James Kudlak said Wednesday. “There’s only one way out.”

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Nobel Prize for sure

People’s Daily Online
A Czech firm has developed a “smart” beer vending machines that can check the buyer’s age from his or her identification card or passport, local media reported on Friday.

The Czech Future Art firm said the machines will be installed in places where it is forbidden to sell alcoholic beverages to people under 18-years-of-age,

The system is based on the technology that Czech police use to identify people. If the buyer is not of the age required by the machine, it does not dispense goods and returns the coins inserted.

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One horse town?

Bulgarian police have confiscated a horse after it was used to transport stolen wood.

Rushud Saliev, 42, from the town of Karnobat, says his wife has left him over the incident.

Police said the legislation was normally applied to vehicles used to commit a crime but argued at court that the one horse power cart used by Saliev also came under the same rules, and the court agreed.


He wants his wife back but she won’t take him back without the horse. Package deal, I guess.¬†

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Ummm! Sausage! (Do you smell smoke?)


A hungry German truck driver burned the cab of his truck when he decided to cook some sausages on a small gas grill he carried for roadside use. Problem was he decided to do it in the cab while driving because he was late.

You know what’s coming, right?

The grill tipped over, which set fire to the seat, which set fire to the cab, which filled the cab with smoke, which put the driver in the hospital with smoke inhalation.

Oh, yes. His blood alcohol was three times the limit.

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Orang Games

oranggames.jpgFour-year-old Bernas isn’t the computer wizard his mom is, but he’s learning. Just the other day he used his lips and feet to play a game on the touch-screen monitor as his mom, Madu, swung from vines and climbed trees. The two Sumatran orangutans at Zoo Atlanta are playing computer games while researchers study the cognitive skills of the orange and brown primates.

The best part? Zoo visitors get to watch their every move. The orangutans use a touch screen built into a tree-like structure that blend in with their zoo habitat. Visitors watch from a video monitor in front of the exhibit.

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