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Austrian officials fed up with motorists stopping to urinate by the roadside have put up fake snake warnings to scare them into using toilets.

Franz Perder, manager of a motorway restaurant in Guntramsdorf where some of the signs have been placed, said: “The idea is that people stop to relieve themselves, see the warning about snakes and get back in the car instead of going to the bushes to take a leak. Of course there are no snakes but they don’t know that. The warnings have worked really well.”


There are just some places you don’t want to be snake bit. 

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Burglary tip: Buy a flashlight

A German burglar who broke into a sports club was arrested after he turned on the floodlights so he could see in the dark. Bumbling thief Johann Stark, 46, also managed to switch on the football pitch sprinkler system after he broke into the club in Aachen at 3am.

A police spokesman said: “He had no torch and turned on the first light switch that he could find, the switch to the floodlights of the club’s football pitch.”

Police were called out by the club’s groundsman who saw the floodlights from his nearby home.

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