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Better than a rabbit’s foot?

Worcester Telegram & Gazette

A woman from Haiti was arrested in Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport when authorities found a human skull in her luggage. As a practitioner of voodoo, “she truly does believe that a skull will protect her,” her lawyer advised the court. The judge accepted the explanation and gave the defendant 2 years’ probation, even though it’s against the law to bring body parts into the country without certification for scientific use.

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Is it raining where you are? Half size Noah’s Ark opens doors

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ark.jpg A half-sized replica of the biblical Noah’s Ark has been built by a Dutch man, complete with model animals. Dutch creationist Johan Huibers built the ark as testament to his literal belief in the Bible.

The ark, in the town of Schagen, is 150 [225 feet] cubits long – half the length of Noah’s – and three storeys high. A cubit was about 45cm (18in) long. The ark opened its doors on Saturday, after almost two years’ construction, most of it by Mr Huiber himself.

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From the country answering the tech support lines

 India has a split personality. It is the Taj Mahal of outsourcing, the great global back office and one of the largest producers of engineering graduates. On the other hand, its law keepers are poignantly comic enforcers and interpreters of cyberlaws.

Cybersecurity expert Raghu Raman said in 2004, police squads were known to confiscate evidence from some offices, returning with monitors and leaving computers behind. Computing teacher Vijay Mukhi said two years ago cops in Mumbai seized pirated software floppies and stapled them together as though they were documents, destroying the material.


Anyone who has called a support line and gotten India won’t be surprised. 

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Wedding hint: Celebrate after the marriage


Villagers at a wedding in eastern India decided the groom had arrived too drunk to get married, and so the bride married the groom’s more sober brother instead, police said on Monday.

“The groom was drunk and had reportedly misbehaved with guests when the bride’s family and local villagers chased him away,” Madho Singh, a senior police officer told Reuters after Sunday’s marriage in a village in Bihar state’s Arwal district.

The younger brother readily agreed to take the groom’s place beside the teenage bride at her family’s invitation, witnesses said.

“The groom apologised for his behaviour, but has been crying that word will spread and he will never get a bride again,” Singh said by phone.


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Sit down and play video games and don’t give me lip!

Children typically spend hours in front of a computer so a Canadian university has decided to introduce them to Shakespeare with a video game.

While zapping enemy spaceships players have to help recover the stolen text of Romeo and Juliet by memorizing lines from the famous play, learning facts about Shakespeare’s life and devising synonyms and homonyms for parts of the text.

“The game is a way to capitalize on the time that kids spend on computers,” said Professor Daniel Fischlin who headed the team at the University of Guelph in Ontario that developed the game called ‘Speare.’ I don’t know of another medium that has seven-year-olds spouting Shakespeare,” Fischlin added in response to charges the game might trivialize learning.

The game was launched earlier this week [ to coincide with the anniversary of Shakespeare’s death ] after two years and C$50,000 ($44,800) spent developing it.


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And the cat wallet came back

Val Gregoire’s widow and children [Lewiston, Maine] all knew the story: On a day in 1951, Val was hit over the head in Boston and woke without his wallet or his pants. Now, they have proof. His wallet has returned. On April 11 – 56 years to the day after Gregoire lost it – the wallet was discovered by a demolition worker at Boston’s Paramount Theatre.

“I was stunned,” said Jeannette Gregoire, 75, of Lewiston, after receiving a call from the worker’s wife, Kathy Bagen. “How could this have survived?”

More than a dozen photos, a copy of Val’s Augusta birth certificate and a pair of identification cards seemed preserved inside the Boston landmark.

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Where is the Pied Piper when you need him?


Rats the size of dogs which can even eat through concrete are threatening to plunge parts of Montenegro into darkness.

Workers at a hydroelectric power station on the River Piva [Montenegro] say they are too scared to tackle [the] rodents who are also gnawing their way through cables. One worker told the local daily newspaper Vijesti: “They are horrific. Coming face to face with a rat the size of a small dog is terrifying. We’re all too scared to go inside the power station. There are thousands of them and they have eaten through all the cables inside the dam walls and are burrowing lots of holes inside it. We are afraid the dam might collapse. We have no idea how to deal with them.”

Local authorities are meeting to try and find a way to deal with the giant rats. A spokesman said: “It’s like something out of a James Herbert book, they are even eating through concrete.”

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Want to buy a hairy rock?



A stone growing long white hair was given a price of 10 million yuan at an art exhibition. The stone, exhibited at the 3rd China (International) Treasure Stone Exhibition, is around 30 cm long and has 15cm long white hair.

Staff of the exhibition say the hair must be the remains of a kind of fungus, which grows on the surface of the stone and makes it look like a hairy head, reports Tianfu Morning News.

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