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From the country answering the tech support lines

 India has a split personality. It is the Taj Mahal of outsourcing, the great global back office and one of the largest producers of engineering graduates. On the other hand, its law keepers are poignantly comic enforcers and interpreters of cyberlaws.

Cybersecurity expert Raghu Raman said in 2004, police squads were known to confiscate evidence from some offices, returning with monitors and leaving computers behind. Computing teacher Vijay Mukhi said two years ago cops in Mumbai seized pirated software floppies and stapled them together as though they were documents, destroying the material.


Anyone who has called a support line and gotten India won’t be surprised. 

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  1. Since I have been qouted, I think it is only fair to put across the context of this comment that I made.

    Yes there have been bloomers made by law enforcement authorities, like are made in every country. Having said that, I think what one needs to do is to get a perspective. When one considers the volume of data processing handled in India against the number of mistakes, one will realize that the percentages are fairly less than many western countries.

    Also, while the law enforcers may be stretched ( The author just needs to commit a cyber crime here to realize that they are far from comical) there are many top notch security firms who provide the cover to many of the fortune 100 companies.

    The author may not realize it but if he banks with any of the largest 10 American Banks, then whether he likes it or not, his data is being protected by an Indian firm 🙂

    Comment by Raghu Raman | May 2, 2007

  2. Thanks for your comment. I am sure what you said is true but that quote is lifted directly from a newspaper article and was not written by me. The intent here is to poke light fun wherever I can find it. If you have read any of the rest of this blog you will soon realize that. Thanks again for taking the time to send a comment.

    Comment by oldstersview | May 2, 2007

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