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Crime Tip: Slow Down, idiot.

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A Georgia couple was being held on $1 million bond each at the Baltimore County detention center after being stopped by police on Interstate 95 near White Marsh in a speeding pickup truck that authorities said was hauling nearly 180 pounds of “manicured marijuana.”

Marsenna Louise Jenkins, who was driving the northbound, rented 2007 Dodge Dakota, was clocked at 72 mph — 17 over the limit — and stopped at about 10 a.m. yesterday by an officer assigned to the Maryland Transportation Authority Police Homeland Enforcement and Traffic team, said Cpl. Jonathan Green, a police spokesman.

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Could you sell 3,500 lbs. of bat guano on eBay?

An upstate New York couple didn’t think a few bats in the attic were much of a problem when they were buying a house last summer.

Months later, they found out how wrong they were when they discovered [3,500 pounds] of bat droppings up there.


The cleanup bill? $25,000. Their insurance company says it won’t pay for the cleanup and they are now in court. Sure should have great roses, though.

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Mona? Is that you?

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The woman behind Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa painting was born in an old Florentine house that was no beauty, according to newly discovered archival documents. Originally used as a workshop by wool artisans, the house stood a few hundred feet from the Medieval bridge Ponte Vecchio, in a dark alley known as Via Sguazza.

According to historian Giuseppe Pallanti, it was right in Via Sguazza, where the woman Leonardo began painting in 1503 was born, on June 15, 1479.

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Frozen in time

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A Norfolk woman is still using a fridge her mother bought in 1957.

Geraldine Rowarth’s British-made Prestcold fridge cost 65 guineas – a month’s wages for husband Ian, a teacher. But it was money well spent. For half a century later, it’s still going strong in her daughter’s farmhouse kitchen, reports the Daily Mail.

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Cows-R-Us ?

A cash-strapped Swiss farmer is renting out his cows. Albert Breitenmoser, from Eggerstanden, said people can hire out cows Maxime, Wanda and Lynn from his herd for £80 per month. It entitles them to visit their cows as often as they want, milk them and receive a souvenir picture.

In addition, they get a discount on bread and cheese sold by his farm and the chance to spend a weekend in an Alpine chalet by a lake in summertime where the cows are put out to grass.

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Jet set cat

A Canadian cat turned jet set traveller after jumping into a suitcase before her owner flew off to a conference. It was a big adventure for Ginger who is not normally allowed outdoors, reports ITN News.

Her owner Mary Martell had packed a suitcase for a business trip and brought it downstairs but without closing it fully and Ginger jumped in. Ginger got as far as the airport baggage scanners before security officers spotted the odd shape in the suitcase, but Mrs Martell convinced them it was [a] coat. Her suitcase was cleared unopened and loaded onto an Air Canada jet for a two-hour trip to Toronto.

Several hours later, in a hotel in Niagara, Mrs Martell finally unpacked and discovered Ginger.


“coat”, “cat” —– there’s only one letter difference. A mistake anyone could make. 

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Brit Every Man For Himself Roundabout


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