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Crime Tip: When hiding out stay away from window ledges

A serial San Francisco bank-robbery suspect – dubbed the “Boring Bandit” for his droll style during some of his holdups — has been arrested after falling out a motel window.

About 4 p.m. Wednesday, police called to investigate an attempted suicide at the motor lodge on the 1700 block of Market Street found Michael Minahen, 45, lying on the pavement, said robbery Inspector Dan Gardner.

Officers determined Minahen had not, in fact, tried to kill himself but had lost his footing and fallen 12 feet to the pavement outside his window accidentally, Gardner said. Gardner said Minahen apparently feared someone was going to steal his cache of drugs and decided he was safer outside the room. Officers recognized him from a wanted bulletin as a suspect being sought in a series of four holdups in the city, Gardner said.

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Just practicing being dead

The Daily Telegraph
Hundreds of people are flocking to a remote village in eastern India to catch a glimpse of an old man who has spent six years lying inside his own grave waiting to die as he mourns for his wife, officials said.

Basanta Roy [who] claims he is 103 …spends his day clearing weeds from the grave and lying in it. Belonging to a Hindu caste who bury their dead, Roy dug his grave close to his wife’s after she died in the late 1990s.

“He cleans his grave every day and waits for his death, which seems to be eluding him,” said Shyam Narayan Ram, a senior government official from Jharkhand state.

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Bits of an old visitor

New Scientist Space
Bits of Halley’s Comet will streak into the Earth’s atmosphere before dawn on Sunday during the peak of the eta Aquarid meteor shower. Although moonlight will make all but the brightest meteors impossible to see, those that are visible may be quite spectacular due to the geometry of the shower.

Halley’s Comet last swung by the Earth in 1986 and now lies in the outer solar system. But every time it passes near the Sun on its 76-year orbit, the nucleus of the icy object sheds about 6 metres of material, which spreads out along the comet’s orbit. Twice a year, the Earth runs into this dusty detritus, producing the eta Aquarids in May and the Orionids in October.

The Earth will slam into the trail in the hours before dawn on Sunday for viewers in any time zone. The meteors can appear in any part of the sky, but their trails appear to originate near the star eta Aquarii in the constellation Aquarius, the water bearer, which gives the shower its name.

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