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Dumb crook


A 29-year-old man arrived at a used car dealership lot in Connecticut last weekend with a Jeep stolen from the same location weeks earlier.

Jazrahel King brought the used Jeep Liberty into Wholesalers of America in Norwalk, Conn., last weekend as a possible trade-in vehicle, but was promptly arrested after a sales manager recognized it as a stolen item from the previous month, the Stamford (Conn.) Advocate said Tuesday.

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Monkey business in India


“Driving a tractor is no Monkey’s business but in an interesting incident in Muzaffarnagar District in Uttar Pradesh state of India some mischievous monkeys got on a tractor and started driving it in a police station near here.

As per the police, Monkey’s switched on the tractor’s engine & tried to drive it. The incident happened in Khatori village in Muzaffarnagar District over here.
Police later turned off the engine.

The six monkeys responsible for the incident run away after the incident & certainly Police was unable to arrest them for their mischievous act.”

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Who Owns the Wind?

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With a growing number of wind power stations in Germany, a new kind of legal case is rearing its ugly head. The crime: stealing wind.

Not as idyllic as the image may suggest: German courts are starting to deal with increasing numbers of wind farm related cases. It’s an offense not mentioned in the bible or the statute books. But in a broader sense it is about theft, even when the booty itself is invisible. But it is still a major problem for the German legal system, including a court in Leipzig that is currently hearing a case involving a dispute between the operators of two wind turbine facilities. Who owns the wind?

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Boeing 727 room add-on

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So you think you’ve got decorating problems? Next time you whine about it, think about Billie Broome. Her husband, Rick, added the better part of a Boeing 727 to their house, then built a sunroom around it.

All Billie can say at this point is: “Thank goodness he didn’t bring the entire plane home.” Only the front section, from the wings forward, graces their residence — although “graces” hardly describes the looming presence of a 15,800-pound, 50-foot-long, 12.5-footwide, 27.5-foot-tall objet d’art.

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Man vomits drugs, plane turns around

A passenger on an Australian-bound plane vomited a nylon bag of white powder suspected to be heroin, causing the plane to return to Vietnam in the latest drug mule case between that country and Australia, officials said.

The Vietnam Airlines plane had been flying for an hour after leaving Ho Chi Minh City on Saturday when an Australian man of Vietnamese descent took ill, airline officials told the state-run Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper. The aircraft turned around and made an emergency landing at Tan Son Nhat Airport, where the man coughed up two more bags of white powder. He was detained by police and taken to hospital.

Another newspaper, Lao Dong (Labor), reported doctors found 30 red nylon bags in the man’s stomach.

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