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Great poetry — in limerick form

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The Raven

There once was a girl named Lenore
And a bird and a bust and a door
And a guy with depression
And a whole lot of questions
And the bird always says “Nevermore.”

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Crime Tip: Don’t steal a truck with GPS tracking


A band of would-be Playstation-delivery truck thieves in Australia had the rug snatched out from under them when police used the vehicle’s built-in GPS to track and locate the stolen goods. The truck, loaded with more than $1 million (Australian Dollars) worth of PS2s, was taken from a freight depot in Sydney that the thieves had broken into. The group of evil-doers would have made off clean, save for the fact that local authorities were able to follow the direction and speed of the truck to the gang’s suburban shed…

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A natural mistake

Reuters via Yahoo! News

Armed police went into action in the German city of Wuppertal after a woman reported seeing a masked criminal — but having rushed to the scene, they were surprised to find not a crook, but a large stuffed toy.

The woman was returning late at night to her car in an indoor car park when she saw the suspected brigand through the window of a parked van, police said Thursday. Though she later admitted to only catching a glimpse in the darkness, she was sufficiently alarmed to alert the authorities.

Armed officers arrived in three cars and surrounded the van. What they found was a large toy beaver, strapped into the passenger seat. A police spokesman said he struggled to see how the toy, which has two oversized front teeth, could have been mistaken for a person.

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Big Brother wasn’t watching. But now he is.

CCTV cameras in a city centre were not monitored at night because of a lack of staff – for nine months.

The 60 cameras in York, operated by the city council, were left unmanned after 9pm, reports the Daily Mirror.

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Look! Up in the sky! It’s — a toilet?


Europe’s highest toilet has been built on the snow capped peak of Frances Mont Blanc.

More than 30,000 visitors make their way to the peak each year and local mayor Jean-Marc Peillex said: “This move was much needed. Our beautiful mountains white peak was full of yellow and brown spots in summer.”

The two toilets were flown up Mont Blanc to a height of 4,260 metres.

A helicopter will also be used to empty the toilets on a daily basis at peak times for visitors.

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