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New meaning for “cow-lick”

A barber from Columbia is probably the most ingenious barber of all, at least when it comes to an unorthodox approach to his trade. It is a commonplace that human hair tends to fall out from the right place while growing in the wrong ones. The barber named Ancizar Duque reportedly invented a new cure for baldness. So far the barber has already helped 200 customers grow their hair back. The barber proudly displays dramatic before and after photos of his happy customers. How did he manage to cure baldness of those men? He got a cow to lick their heads.

From Pravda, beacon of truth and light.

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Ever vigilant eye of the law

A prolific Warwickshire traffic warden has issued her 500th ticket – after less than three weeks in the job


It should be said that it costs just 70 p to legally park in any of the council parking lots there but the parking ticket is 30 pounds. Shouldn’t take you long to decide on the best course of action.


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Monstro Lego


This massive Lego aircraft carrier took Malle Hawking almost a year to build. It is about 5m long, 1.40m wide and 1.2m tall, contains over 200,000 Bricks and weighs over 160 Kilos. The model has electrical lights on deck, a hangar,aircraft, movable elevators,radar dishes and even a motorized catapult.

Lots more pictures

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Carrying recycling too far

A woman had to be rescued by firefighters after she fell headfirst into a recycling bin.

The woman had apparently dropped off some clothes and then changed her mind and tried to get them back. But the slightly built woman got trapped in the slot and fire crews needed hydraulic cutting equipment to get her out., reports the Daily Record.

The alarm was raised by another recycler who spotted a pair of feet sticking out of the bin of unwanted clothes.


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