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Flash: Moon made of beans, not green cheese

Changes in the brightness and color over small areas of the moon’s surface, known as Transient Lunar Phenomena, or TLP, have been observed telescopically for hundreds of years. The optical flashes have been seen by skywatchers but rarely photographed.

“People over the years have attributed TLPs to all sorts of effects: turbulence in Earth’s atmosphere, visual physiological effects, atmospheric smearing of light like a prism, and even psychological effects like hysteria or planted suggestion,” said Columbia University researcher Arlin Crotts.

Using data from decades-old observations, Crotts and colleagues have now found a strong correlation between TLP sightings and regions where lunar orbiting spacecraft have detected gas leaking out from beneath the lunar surface.


Could this gas be used as a fuel surce for a lunar colony? Small problem: we need oxygen to burn the gas.

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Twelve? And nine?!

Two German schoolboys made a 200 mile trip across the country on their own using pedal cars and a train.

The boys from Verl, aged 12 and nine, decided they wanted to go on holiday on their own this summer and chose Denmark as their destination after a similar fun holiday there the year before.

They drove the pedal cars 20 miles to a train station before getting on a train for Romsoe in Denmark. But the pair got homesick after 200 miles when they arrived in Hamburg, and turned round and went home.


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Editorial comment

I don’t engage in much editorializing here but I can’t let a recent screwup at a Sony product announcement go by. Take a look at this post on Technudge and then remember this clip from Pearls Before Swine:


The rest of the PBS strip is here.

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