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Most sculptors work in clay, or maybe stone — but panda poo?

Reuters via Yahoo! News
panda.jpg A Chinese wildlife research centre has come up with a novel idea to profit from panda poo — make Olympic souvenirs out of it.

Researchers at the centre in Chengdu, capital of mountainous Sichuan province, had sculpted photo frames, bookmarks, fans and panda statues out of the 300 tonnes of the stuff produced by 60 giant pandas each year, state media said on Tuesday.


What else are you going to do with 300 tons of the stuff? Let’s see — 300 tons from 60 animals is 5 tons each or around 27 pounds a day.

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Pssst! Hey, Bud! C’mere.

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If someone offers you frilly women’s lingerie on the street, call [Raleigh] police. Thieves have stolen almost $35,000 worth of underwear, perfume and other merchandise from Victoria’s Secret stores in the Raleigh area since March, police said. Law enforcement officials have no suspects and said it’s unlikely the thieves are stealing for personal use.

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Torch Bearer?

One of the world’s hairiest men, who nicknames himself King Kong, has launched a campaign to carry the Olympic Torch during the relay ahead of next year’s Games, Xinhua news agency said on Tuesday.

“The Olympics belong to everyone — the common people and those with abnormalities included,” the report quoted Yu Zhenhuan as saying from his home in China’s northeastern province of Liaoning. “First I am a celebrity, inside and outside of China. Secondly, I think my experience in coping with a disfigurement ties in with the notion of the Olympic spirit,” he added.

Hair covers 96 percent of Yu’s body. He may be surpassed only by a pair of Mexican brothers: Victor “Larry” and Gabriel “Danny” Ramos Gomez, listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as having 98 percent hair cover.


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Hey! Sure it’s cold but business is business, right?

The cemetery headstone for a teenager who died in a car wreck was repossessed after a $750 bill went unpaid. “That’s just business,” said Linda Anderson of Memorial Art Monument. “If we give every stone to everybody, we’d be out of business. They’d repossess your car if you didn’t make payments.”

Brady Conger, 17, and two friends died when their car smashed into a sport utility vehicle a year ago Thursday.

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Unique excuse for drinking beer

Student Jack Kirby drank 4,000 cans of lager and used the empties to build a car. The life-size model 1965 Ford Mustang was finished yesterday after a three-year effort, reports the Daily Mirror.

Design student Jack, 23, downed a Budweiser four-pack every day. “It was hard work,” he said.



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“If you go into the woods today, you’re in for a big surprise…”

German police called out after sightings of a huge bear found the beast was a giant stuffed teddy.

Locals in the Black Forest region in south-west Germany rang police after they saw a brown bear in woods near the town of Titisee-Neustadt. Police, fearing another case like Bruno the bear that last year rampaged around the Alpine border region between Bavaria and Austria killing livestock, sent out a special squad to capture it.

Dieter Klipfel, spokesman for the Titisee-Neustadt police department, said: “As they got closer to it, they realised it was a giant stuffed animal. It had been put there by a local archery club to use as a target.”

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I hope you aren’t eating…

At Istanbul’s Club Fox on the Sea of Marmara coast the belly dancer’s hips gyrate and tassels swirl to the music but the stomach is a little hairier than usual — it’s a man’s.

Male belly dancers are thrilling audiences in Turkey and other European capitals, drawing on a tradition dating back to Ottoman times when men in the Sultan’s palaces were entertained by young male dancers as the women lived separately in harems.

As 36-year-old dancer “Alex” takes to the stage and the repetitive beats are replaced by Arabesque music, the young Turkish crowd goes wild, flinging their arms in the air and jostling for a view of his belly.


 Oh, there’s more, pictures even, if you have the stomach for it…

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One of the best blogs around


This beautiful lady is Olive, age 108 (almost). If you haven’t read her blog you are missing something great. Check it out at this link.

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