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Daffy rescue

Fire chiefs rushed 18 crew, three engines, a Land Rover and a rescue boat to a 999 call – to save a trapped duck.

Residents feared a child had drowned as teams raced up to 35 miles to the scene with blue lights flashing and sirens blaring, reports The Sun. Locals were stunned to find the “casualty” was Daffy, a white Aylesbury, trapped in a drainage tunnel. A woman called 999 after finding the duck stuck between sluices near Earlswood, West Midlands.

Residents blasted the three-hour operation to free the bird, which lives on a nearby lake, as a “waste of money”.


Whatever you think of the effort to free the duck it is erroneous to believe that money was spent that otherwise would not have been, except for the fuel to get the vehicles there. Those rescuers would be paid whether they were freeing a duck or sitting on their rears waiting for a call. Did the “residents” think they only get paid while putting out fires?

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Priest accused of the naked truth

Yahoo! News
A Catholic priest faces an indecent exposure charge after jogging in the nude about an hour before sunrise.

The Rev. Robert Whipkey told officers he had been running naked at a high school track and didn’t think anyone would be around at that time of day, a police report said.

He told officers he sweats profusely if he wears clothing while jogging…

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You don’t have to be smart to have a baby…4Real

More at Yahoo! News

A New Zealand couple is looking to call their newborn son Superman — but only because their chosen name of 4Real has been rejected by the government registry.

Pat and Sheena Wheaton say they will get around the decision by the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages by officially naming their son Superman but referring to him as 4Real, the New Zealand Herald newspaper has reported.

The Wheatons decided on the name after seeing the baby for the first time in an ultrasound scan and realising their baby was “for real”.

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Must not have had any bread crumbs

Yahoo! News
Doctors often warn of the health risks of eating junk food, but it seems the treats can be a problem for burglars, too.

Four teenagers broke into a gas station [in Pasadena, Maryland] early Wednesday and left a trail of candy bar wrappers along the road as they left, said Cpl. Mark Shawkey, a spokesman for the Anne Arundel County Police Department. A police dog located the teens a quarter-mile away.

“Never heard of a K-9 having that extra help in completing a track,” Shawkey said.

Three boys and a girl, ages 15 and 16, were charged with burglary and theft.

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Attacked by a beaver? Yup. Smacked by its’ tail.

Yahoo! News
beaver.jpg A grandmother taking a leisurely swim in a Swedish river ended up in the hospital after a beaver attacked her with its tail, regional newspaper Nerikes Allehanda reported Wednesday.

Police sources said it was the second time a beaver had attacked humans at the beach on the banks of the Bottenaa River, around 150 kilometres (93 miles) west of Stockholm, the newspaper reported.

“The beaver attacked the grandmother. She was seriously hit by the animal’s tail and received a number of bites and scratches,” an officer told the newspaper.

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Don’t muck with this guy

Reuters via Yahoo! News
A German farmer angry with police for trying to confiscate his tractor wrecked three patrol cars and evaded capture for seven hours before an elite unit managed to arrest him, a police spokesman said Wednesday.

The farmer, 53, was pulled over by police for driving his tractor without a license, despite several previous warnings. The officers called in three patrol cars for help before asking the farmer to get out of his vehicle.

He refused, and proceeded to ram the cars with his tractor, making full use of its attached muck spreader and hydraulic fork. Officers were only just able to scramble out of harm’s way. The farmer then drove into a forest, where he eluded a manhunt involving two helicopters and an armored car for seven hours.


“Muck” — that’s a nice way to say “manure” which in turn is a nice way to say something else.

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Home sweet pipe


A Chinese man has built a house out of two cement pipes. Xin Yucai, 50, of Shenyang city, even turned down the chance to move into his daughter’s apartment he enjoyed living in his unusual home so much.

The pipe house in Shenyang city /Lu Feng

“My father likes to do things differently,” she explained. “He bought two cement pipes from a construction company and turned them into a real house, with windows, door, and even a chimney.” The daughter says her apartment has enough space for her father but Xin still insisted on making a house of his own.

“We moved once, and he took the pipe house with him.”

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Burned off his mustache and eyebrows, though

When he discovered a nest of yellowjackets in the storm drain in front of his house a Whitehall, UK, man devised a cunning plan to burn them out. Placing a dried up Christmas tree [Christmas tree? This guy never throws anything away, I guess] over the storm grate, he poured gasoline over it and lit it. The result, unsurprisingly, was an explosion that was heard two blocks away. It didn’t kill the yellow jackets but it did result in the loss of his mustache and eyebrows.

Darwin would have been proud of his herd thinning try.


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Speeding? In a funeral procession?

New Zealand National news

Mourners’ vehicles crashed into each other “like dominoes” after a police officer pulled over the hearse leading the cortege near Te Anau [New Zealand].

Police have launched an internal investigation after the Te Anau policewoman ordered a hearse to pull over as it led a cortege of between 80 and 100 cars to the Te Anau cemetery last week, causing nose-to-tail crashes behind.


The funeral director denies speeding.

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Nope, you don’t need new glasses.

If you live in the Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi, area and you thought you saw a kangaroo hopping along US-90 you don’t need new glasses. Several reports have come into authorities there in the past few days. Apparently someone’s pet escaped and is out for a little sight seeing.

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