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Aero-News Network:
As the saying goes… when you hear hoofbeats, they’re probably coming from horses, and not zebras. And when you come across a strange object that apparently fell from the sky, it’s probably not an alien spaceship… but rather from a commercial airliner.

Such was the case this weekend, as Hilary Loewenstein walked her two dogs in a Maryland park, and saw a strange metal object near the path.

“I was like, ‘Oh my God! I saw aliens! Aliens are here!’ And I thought, ‘How exciting!”‘ Loewenstein told The Washington Post.

Alas, the 25-pound chunk of metal wasn’t an alien spaceship… but rather the landing gear door off a CRJ700 flying from Hartford, CT to Washington DC Saturday morning. The object landed near soccer fields, but no one was hurt.

“We were all very lucky,” said Loewenstein. “It’s so amazing that this piece of airplane didn’t fall onto the zillions of houses right behind it.”

FAA spokeswoman Laura Brown said the agency planned to recover the debris Monday, and investigate why the jet shed the part.

“Various things fall off airplanes from time to time, but it’s fairly unusual to have one of these landing-gear doors fall off,” Brown said. “Airplanes are designed not to shed parts.”


How comforting.

August 14, 2007 - Posted by | Airplanes

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