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If you go into the woods today you’re in for a big surprise…

An Australian man has told how he spent a week up a tree in a crocodile-infested swamp and lived to tell the tale. David George, a Cape York stockman, was finally rescued by helicopter in the bush near Coen, in the remote far north of Queensland.

“Every night I was stalked by two crocs who would sit at the bottom of the tree staring up at me,” Mr George told local paper The Courier-Mail. “I’d yell out at them, ‘I’m not falling out of this tree for you bastards’.”

Dazed and bleeding after a tumble from his horse, Mr George found himself in the heart of a swamp – and then fell straight into a crocodile nest.

“I couldn’t go back, it was too far and too dangerous, so I headed to the nearest high ground and stayed there, hoping someone would come and find me before the crocs did,” he said.

August 14, 2007 - Posted by | animals

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